Cosmopolitanism featured image
25. July 2023

Comparing Cosmopolitanism between Barbarians, Mongols, and Mugals

Written by Mohammad Hasib Emran America is a melting pot of people of different ethnicities,…
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new-Evangelicalism and Utilitarianism
18th Century19th Century
15. June 2023

The Impact of Evangelicalism and Utilitarianism on 18th and 19th Century Society

Written by Faiza Mustafa Many 18th and 19th-century societies experienced the great impact of Evangelicalism…
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Korean War Featured Image
Korean War
14. November 2022

Portraits of Failed Leadership: Rhee Syngman and Mohammad Ashraf Ghani

Written by Tei Kim The Korean War was gruesome, with approximately 2.5 million civilian casualties--…
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Soviet Citizens Rebellion
Soviet Union
14. November 2022

Purposeless Polls: How Soviet Citizens Rebelled Against a Regime that Rejected Open Communication

Written by Axel de Vernou Leonid Brezhnev was no Joseph Stalin when it came to…
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Ottonian Dynasty
8. September 2022

A History of the Ottonian Dynasty – The Rise of a Noble Family to the Death of the Dynasty and the 5 Great Kings of the Ottonians

Written by Francis Jesse Augustine Stephen Monek The Ottonians were a dynasty of Saxon descent,…
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