Alcatraz Environmental History
US 20th Century
6. July 2020

Mind of a Rock: A Look into the Social Justice Potential of Alcatraz Island’s Environmental History

In many ways the humanity, nature, and animals encompassing Alcatraz Island’s history contribute to its…
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Women's History
1. July 2020

In Defence of Malinalli Tenepal: A Contemporary Perspective

Sierra Penberthy undertakes a fascinating analysis of the historiography surrounding Malinalli Tenepal in order to…
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Canada Refugee System
CanadaModern History
4. May 2020

In the Shadow of Benevolence: the Politicization of Humanitarianism and Abuse of Human Rights in Canada’s Refugee System

Written by Amelia Williams, this Thesis takes a detailed look at the Politicization of Humanitarianism…
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