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Neighborhood Union Women in Georgia

Nineteenth-Century Middle-Class American Women: Marriage, Relationships and the Struggle for Identity in a Patriarchal Society

| US History, US19th Century, Women's History | No Comments

If marriage was the ideal lifestyle for women in the mid-nineteenth century, it should be little wonder that women entered marriage with a sense of resignation and fatalism.

Dust Storm Texas 1935

Dust in the Wind: The Dirty Thirties

| US 20th Century | No Comments

The grainy black-and-white photos left behind are among the stark reminders of an otherwise forgotten event in American history: the Dust Bowl.

The Elizabethan Age

How far can the royal progresses explain the relationship between the state and the localities in the Elizabethan period?

| 16th Century English History, Elizabeth I | No Comments

The royal progresses posed a unique opportunity for both the people of Elizabethan England and the Queen herself: it offered each a glimpse into the other’s world.


The Trail To Triumph

| Canada, Canadian History | No Comments

Accomplishments that took place during the Last Hundred Days also include the independence Canada gained from the battles during the Offensive, and how Canada’s image changed.

The Evolution of Views on Charging Interest

| Financial History | No Comments

Some philosophers such as Aristotle believed interest should not be charged just because it was immoral. There were many supporters of this idea throughout history.

The King and his vassal: Reflection on the figures Alfonso VI and El Cid

| 11th Century, Spanish History | No Comments

Moving forward into the final years of Alfonso’s life, it is clear from his actions that despite his advancing age, his spirit and enthusiasm remained. The last eight years of his life would play out the same way the last fifteen had, battling Murabit armies.

Chernobyl power_plant_-_reactor_4_02

Chernobyl: An Underestimated Disaster

| 20th Century Ukrainian History, Chernobyl | No Comments

The test run that directly caused the accident started at 12:00 AM and the explosion occurred at 1:23 AM. However, the decontamination process did not end until May 7th, when 50,000 liquidators had worked on controlling the radioactive contamination.

Lady Jane Grey’s Fatal Inheritance

| 16th Century English History, Lady Jane Grey | No Comments

The story of Lady Jane Grey, England’s infamous queen of nine days, has been told countless times, yet history remains unclear as to who she was.

Twists in a Twisted Tale: The Exploitation, Defilement and Murder of Elena Hoyos

| Elena Hoyos, Personal History | No Comments

22nd April 1930 would turn out to be a very fateful day. Elena, having been referred to the Marine Hospital for tests, was overseen by one radiologist, Carl Tanzler (1877 – 1952).

Britain Signals World War 2

British Signals Intelligence and the Shortening of World War Two

| British History, World War II | No Comments

The publication of F.W. Winterbotham’s The Ultra Secret claims that Ultra – the codename given to the signals intelligence gathered at Bletchley Park – shortened World War Two by some certain period.

Indian partitian

Partition: Its advent, its enduring deadly legacy

| Colonialism, Indian History, Pakistan History | No Comments

Even before the onset of World War II, British determination to rule India was fading. With the onset of the War and in the years to follow, the tide was turning against Great Britain. So much so, in 1946, Viceroy Wavell reported to London that India had become ungovernable.


The Fall’s Curfew? Bloody Sunday? What really was it that represented the end of the British Army’s “honeymoon period” with northern nationalists?

| Bloody Sunday, The Fall's Curfew | No Comments

After the riots of summer 1969, “Operation Banner” commenced which saw the insurrection of British Armed forces into Northern Ireland in what would turn out to be the longest continuous deployment of troops in British military history.

William of Orange

Who supported William of Orange’s Coup d’état, and why?

| William of Orange | No Comments

It was June 1688, and after years of miscarriages, Mary of Modena had finally provided James II with a male heir. Though, given Mary’s gynaecological history, it was not long before the child’s legitimacy became impugned.

The lasting impact of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the ionic image behind it

The lasting impact of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the ionic image behind it

| John F Kennedy, US 20th Century | No Comments

Through the 20th century, there were many iconic photographs that remain recognizable to this date; Neil Armstrong taking his first step on the moon, the explosion of the atom bomb, Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and many more.

The Forces Behind the Killing of Giordano Bruno

The Forces Behind the Killing of Giordano Bruno

| Giordano Bruno, Italian History | One Comment

Ideas could get you burned alive in 16th century Europe. Such was the fate of the Renaissance philosopher, Giordano Bruno. After a heresy trial that lasted eight years, the Roman Inquisition convicted him and burned him at the stake in the middle of the square of Campo de’ Fiori

The Greek Revolution of 1821

The trumpet as a symbol of the Greek Revolution of 1821

| Greek History, Greek Mythology | No Comments

In this article Paraskevas-Marios I. Tourtounis examines some references to the trumpet, made in the context of several works of the Greek revolutionary literature.

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