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The Capitol Insurrection & the Great American Stain

| US 21st Century History, White Supremacy | No Comments

Whether you are an elected public servant or merely a citizen of this republic you have to make a decision. Slavery and white supremacy is a bell that cannot be un-rung.

American revolutionary war

A Study of the Historiography of the American Revolution

| American Revolution, US 18th Century | No Comments

For centuries following the military conclusion of the American Revolution in 1783, historians have long argued over the causes and motivations of the American Revolution from all perspectives and ideologies.

Eleanor Roosevelt Speech

A Glimpse of History: Eleanor and Jackie and The Emergence of the Modern Role of First Lady

| US 20th Century, Women's History | No Comments

The modern view of the president’s wife in American political life was intrinsically shaped by two extraordinary women: Eleanor Roosevelt and Jacqueline Kennedy.


The Education in Ancient City-states

| Ancient history | No Comments

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light” – Plato. Light itself is education, as we can understand from the words above, education in the ancient world was the only way to enlightenment.

Compare and contrast the role of women in the FRG and the GDR

Compare and contrast the role of women in the FRG and the GDR

| European History, Women's History, World War II | No Comments

The constitutions within both the GDR and the FRG granted women equal rights to men; nevertheless, both states expected women to hold different roles in society.

Cold War Essay

Far from Universal: The Cold War and its’ impact on human rights discourse

| US 20th Century, Vietnam War | No Comments

Essentially, human rights were so contested during the Cold War because their intangible nature was ‘complimentary to sound realist policies.’1 Intersecting a bipolar ideological conflict, human rights debate reinforced a centuries-old struggle between contrasting social systems and worldviews.

Vietnam-War-A Limited-War

Vietnam War: A Limited War

| US 20th Century, Vietnam War | No Comments

A limited war by definition is a war in which the weapons used, the nations or territory involved, or the objectives pursued are restricted in some way, in particular one in which the use of nuclear weapons is avoided.


The Ways of Life of Asian Americans Post-World War II

| US 20th Century, World War II | No Comments

Civil Rights a topic that one automatically thinks of the Civil Rights Movement in regards to African Americans and their movement that happened in the 1960s.

Ghosts and the Supernatural in Early Modern Ottoman Empire

Ghosts and the Supernatural in Early Modern Ottoman Empire

| Ottoman Empire, Supernatural | One Comment

Ottoman occult and supernatural are currently understudied and mostly foreign to general audiences.


Both sides lost.’ Discuss this verdict of the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962

| Cuban Missile Crisis, US 20th Century | No Comments

This investigation considers the verdict that “both sides lost” during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, arguing that quite the opposite is true.

Defining un-Americanism

The Enemy Within: Patriotism, Un-Americanism & Coercion in Postwar America, 1945-1960 Introduction: Defining un-Americanism

| US 20th Century | No Comments

Written by Michael Head Writing nine months before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, magazine publisher Henry Luce penned ‘The American Century’ in Life. Within this article lay a clear…

US slavery and Hungarian serfs - a comparison

US slavery and Hungarian serfs – a comparison

| European History, Hungarian History | No Comments

Written by Salsabil Katalin Al-Rashed Introduction  As a Hungarian, slavery is not a major part of my country’s history, but as I learned more about the institution of slavery, I…


The German Strategy During the World Wars

| European History, Nazi Germany, World War II | No Comments

Malak Seoudi details Germany’s strategic approach to World War 1 and World War 2, focusing on the Schlieffen Plan and the Blitzkrieg Plan to underline his rather persuasive conclusion.

Catherine the Great and the Infancy of the American Colonies

| Catherine The Great, Russian History | No Comments

In this excellent essay, Nigel Huckle argues that Catherine was disinterested in the affairs of the American Revolution, but held herself strategically to make use of the moment in her reign.

Alcatraz Environmental History

Mind of a Rock: A Look into the Social Justice Potential of Alcatraz Island’s Environmental History

| US 20th Century | No Comments

In many ways the humanity, nature, and animals encompassing Alcatraz Island’s history contribute to its impact on the global society. If Alcatraz has taught us nothing else, it is that humanity should not underestimate the mind of “The Rock.”


What caused President Johnson’s escalation of the Vietnam War?

| 1960s History, foreign policy, President Johnson, US 20th Century, Vietnam War | One Comment

Written by Steven Crawford Grundy On the 7th February, 1965 President Johnson ordered the escalation of armed forces in Vietnam, thereby plunging America into a full-scale military conflict. Historical judgements…

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