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kennedy decision making

A historical look at how personality affects the decision making process of political leaders

| Allgemein | No Comments

By: Miguel Gasca Introduction The study of Political Psychology began in the 1940s, and although a relatively new field, it has quickly gained popularity for its personality approaches to political…

van papen hitler

How important was Von Papen’s role for Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor in 1933?

| Nazi Germany, World War II | No Comments

Author: Piihu Pandey Germany had lost in the First World War leaving the country in a devastated situation. This had a major impact on both Germany and more importantly Hitler,…

indian nationalism

What role did Indian women have to play in shaping the Indian nationalist movement?

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Author: Sitwat MirzaUniversity: Kings College London Recent feminist studies have focused on deconstructing the Indian nationalist discourse, to get a sense of where the ‘women question’ fits in to the…


How Africa Thrived Before The Europeans

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Balthassar Gracian It is not uncommon common to hear such statements like”Africa had no past” before the Europeans and due to popular culture in movies like Tarzan, we have been…


What are the criticisms of the concept of collective memory? Are they valid?

At the turn-of-the-century the concepts of ‘race’, ‘heritage’, and ‘identity’ were already taking on biological colours, dangerously reducing ideas of inferiority and superiority to the genetic dimension, laying the ideological basis for the unequivocal evil of Nazi expansionism and the Holocaust. C.G. Jung’s theory of archetypes, for example, is a paragon of this. Author: Chris J. Grundy; Institution: University of Aberdeen


What were the key factors in the resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis?

“The main reason so much attention has been given to the crisis is that it has rightly been regarded as the most intensive, dangerous, and climactic crisis of the cold war.” On the 16th of October 1962 the Cuban Missile Crisis commenced with the discovery of constructions on Cuba, designed to facilitate medium- range Soviet missiles, and ended on the 28th of October 1962, prominently lasting thirteen days.


What caused President Johnson’s escalation of the Vietnam War?

On 7th February, 1965 President Johnson ordered the escalation of armed forces in Vietnam, thereby plunging America into a full-scale military conflict. Historical judgements have coined a catalogue of suggestions for U.S. engrossment. On the one hand, Kolko’s “structural explanation” conveys escalation as a logical zenith of the Cold War effort to contain communism. Author: Steven C. Grundy; Institution: University of Aberdeen


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