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How was the concept of time understood in the Middle Ages and what impact did it have on society?

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Author: Maroun El Houkayem Institution: University College London “‘By its essential nature’, wrote Lewis Mumford, ‘the clock dissociated time from human events’. To which I would add: and human events…

kennedy decision making

A historical look at how personality affects the decision making process of political leaders

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By: Miguel Gasca Introduction The study of Political Psychology began in the 1940s, and although a relatively new field, it has quickly gained popularity for its personality approaches to political…

van papen hitler

How important was Von Papen’s role for Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor in 1933?

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Author: Piihu Pandey Germany had lost in the First World War leaving the country in a devastated situation. This had a major impact on both Germany and more importantly Hitler,…

indian nationalism

What role did Indian women have to play in shaping the Indian nationalist movement?

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Author: Sitwat MirzaUniversity: Kings College London Recent feminist studies have focused on deconstructing the Indian nationalist discourse, to get a sense of where the ‘women question’ fits in to the…

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