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Colonialism in Southeast Asia

Did the Wolves Ever Leave the Hen House? A Fresh Look at the Impacts and Relevance of Colonialism in Southeast Asia

| Colonialism, Southeast Asian history | No Comments

Written by William P. Guzman // Southeast Asia is difficult to capture in words. Covered by large swaths of grasslands and rainforests, the region is currently home to over 684,000,000…

Korean War Featured Image

Portraits of Failed Leadership: Rhee Syngman and Mohammad Ashraf Ghani

| Korean War | No Comments

Written by Tei Kim The Korean War was gruesome, with approximately 2.5 million civilian casualties– a higher rate of civilian deaths than that of both World War II and the…

Soviet Citizens Rebellion

Purposeless Polls: How Soviet Citizens Rebelled Against a Regime that Rejected Open Communication

| Soviet Union | No Comments

Written by Axel de Vernou Leonid Brezhnev was no Joseph Stalin when it came to his ascendancy to power. Far less authoritative and more furtive in his gradual promotion of…

The Iraq War

Which theory do you think best explains the Iraq War?

| Iraq War, US 20th Century | No Comments

Written by Zunaira Mahmood The US invasion of Iraq in 2003 can been explained through a variety of theoretical perspectives. However, to explain the Iraq War a number of causes need identifying:…

A History of the Ottonian Dynasty – The Rise of a Noble Family to the Death of the Dynasty and the 5 Great Kings of the Ottonians

| Ottonian Dynasty | No Comments

Written by Francis Jesse Augustine Stephen Monek The Ottonians were a dynasty of Saxon descent, understood to have been nobles who became a royal—and eventually imperial—family. The lifespan of the…

Orientalism and Revolution

Perceptions of Ottoman Military Slavery: Orientalism & the Zanj Rebellion

| Ottoman Empire | No Comments

Written by Adam Hasewinkle The concept of “Orientalism” proposed by Edward Said unfortunately envelops much of modern scholarship as well as common modern perceptions of the Asia and particularly the…

HMS Beagle Painting

Science, Religion, and Racism in Philadelphia: the Impacts of the Works of Samuel Morton and Charles Darwin in Philadelphia during the mid-1800s

| US History, US19th Century | No Comments

Written by Pearl Mallick You can’t demand truth and reconciliation. You have to demand truth – people have to hear it, and then they have to want to reconcile themselves…

A Mural in Belfast

Irish Independence Resistance during ‘The Troubles’

| Irish History, The Troubles | No Comments

Written by Edward Hughes The Irish Independence resistance movement was one of the bloodiest, fragmented and complicated efforts in modern history. The complex conflict incorporated the multifaceted issues of religion,…

The Battle of Chaffin’s Farm

The Battle of Chaffin’s Farm: A Trial By Fire for the Union’s Black Troops

| US Civil War, US19th Century | No Comments

Written by Evan Hocter The Battle of Chaffin’s Farm and New Market Heights was a significant Union victory, both militarily and ideologically. The battle proved that black soldiers were more…


The Trail To Triumph

| Canada, Canadian History | No Comments

Accomplishments that took place during the Last Hundred Days also include the independence Canada gained from the battles during the Offensive, and how Canada’s image changed.

The Elizabethan Age

How far can the royal progresses explain the relationship between the state and the localities in the Elizabethan period?

| 16th Century English History, Elizabeth I | No Comments

The royal progresses posed a unique opportunity for both the people of Elizabethan England and the Queen herself: it offered each a glimpse into the other’s world.

Neighborhood Union Women in Georgia

Nineteenth-Century Middle-Class American Women: Marriage, Relationships and the Struggle for Identity in a Patriarchal Society

| US History, US19th Century, Women's History | No Comments

If marriage was the ideal lifestyle for women in the mid-nineteenth century, it should be little wonder that women entered marriage with a sense of resignation and fatalism.

Dust Storm Texas 1935

Dust in the Wind: The Dirty Thirties

| US 20th Century | No Comments

The grainy black-and-white photos left behind are among the stark reminders of an otherwise forgotten event in American history: the Dust Bowl.

The Evolution of Views on Charging Interest

| Financial History | No Comments

Some philosophers such as Aristotle believed interest should not be charged just because it was immoral. There were many supporters of this idea throughout history.

The King and his vassal: Reflection on the figures Alfonso VI and El Cid

| 11th Century, Spanish History | No Comments

Moving forward into the final years of Alfonso’s life, it is clear from his actions that despite his advancing age, his spirit and enthusiasm remained. The last eight years of his life would play out the same way the last fifteen had, battling Murabit armies.

Chernobyl power_plant_-_reactor_4_02

Chernobyl: An Underestimated Disaster

| 20th Century Ukrainian History, Chernobyl | No Comments

The test run that directly caused the accident started at 12:00 AM and the explosion occurred at 1:23 AM. However, the decontamination process did not end until May 7th, when 50,000 liquidators had worked on controlling the radioactive contamination.

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