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Catherine the Great and the Infancy of the American Colonies

| Catherine The Great, Russian History | No Comments

In this excellent essay, Nigel Huckle argues that Catherine was disinterested in the affairs of the American Revolution, but held herself strategically to make use of the moment in her reign.

Alcatraz Environmental History

Mind of a Rock: A Look into the Social Justice Potential of Alcatraz Island’s Environmental History

| US 20th Century | No Comments

In many ways the humanity, nature, and animals encompassing Alcatraz Island’s history contribute to its impact on the global society. If Alcatraz has taught us nothing else, it is that humanity should not underestimate the mind of “The Rock.”


What caused President Johnson’s escalation of the Vietnam War?

| 1960s History, foreign policy, President Johnson, US 20th Century, Vietnam War | One Comment

Written by Steven Crawford Grundy On the 7th February, 1965 President Johnson ordered the escalation of armed forces in Vietnam, thereby plunging America into a full-scale military conflict. Historical judgements…


In Defence of Malinalli Tenepal: A Contemporary Perspective

| Women's History | No Comments

Sierra Penberthy undertakes a fascinating analysis of the historiography surrounding Malinalli Tenepal in order to shed light on the portrayal of women throughout historical works.

Robert E Lee Statue

Why Build a Statue

| Anti-Slavery | No Comments

In this thought provoking essay Noah Kelly argues for the removal of confederate statues and the importance of preserving history. He rightly points out that troubling historical periods should be commemorated by honouring those who fought to end it rather than those who fought to preserve it.

Communism analysed

Capitalism Yesterday ー Communism Today

| Allgemein, Capitalism, Communism | No Comments

In this excellent essay Tommy Strade provides a harsh critique of 20th century Capitalism while debunking many of the arguments leveled at Communism.

A historical look at the effectiveness of peacekeeping and peace enforcement

A historical look at the effectiveness of peacekeeping and peace enforcement

| Modern History, Peacekeeping | No Comments

Malak Seoudi takes a detailed look at the effectiveness of peacekeeping and peace enforcement with a special focus on Sierra Leone, Congo, and Burundi.

The American Nazi Movement

The Pro-America Rally and The American Nazi Movement

| US 20th Century, White Supremacy | No Comments

In this essay Nick DIaz dives into the Pro America Rally at Madison Square Garden, 1939. The author concludes that the only way to stop this movement of hate is top down, driven by the government in order to protect us all.

Canada Refugee System

In the Shadow of Benevolence: the Politicization of Humanitarianism and Abuse of Human Rights in Canada’s Refugee System

| Canada, Modern History | No Comments

Written by Amelia Williams, this Thesis takes a detailed look at the Politicization of Humanitarianism and Abuse of Human Rights in Canada’s Refugee System.


To What Extent Was the Harlem Renaissance shaped by Communist Ideals between 1919-1929?

| Harlem Renaissance, Literature, US 20th Century | No Comments

In this essay Chris Grundy argues that Communist Ideals played a crucial role during the Harlem Renaissance.

How does knowledge of the past help prepare us for the challenges of the twenty-first century_

How does knowledge of the past help prepare us for the challenges of the twenty-first century?

| Allgemein | One Comment

Written by Will McLoughlin To effectively determine how knowledge of the past can help us face the challenges of the twenty-first century, it is pertinent to consider if it is…

kennedy decision making

A historical look at how personality affects the decision making process of political leaders

| Allgemein | No Comments

Written by Miguel Gasca The study of Political Psychology began in the 1940s, and although a relatively new field, it has quickly gained popularity for its personality approaches to political…

van papen hitler

How important was Von Papen’s role for Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor in 1933?

| Nazi Germany, World War II | No Comments

Author: Piihu Pandey Germany had lost in the First World War leaving the country in a devastated situation. This had a major impact on both Germany and more importantly Hitler,…

indian nationalism

What role did Indian women have to play in shaping the Indian nationalist movement?

| Indian History | No Comments

Author: Sitwat MirzaUniversity: Kings College London Recent feminist studies have focused on deconstructing the Indian nationalist discourse, to get a sense of where the ‘women question’ fits in to the…


How Africa Thrived Before The Europeans

| African History | No Comments

Balthassar Gracian It is not uncommon common to hear such statements like”Africa had no past” before the Europeans and due to popular culture in movies like Tarzan, we have been…


Aurangzeb – The Maligned Mughal?

| Mughal | No Comments

Armaan Thapar Aurangzeb Alamgir, the successor of Shah Jahan, who ruled the Indian subcontinent for 49 years from July 1658 to March 1707, is one of the most infamous rulers…

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