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kennedy decision making
29. June 2019

A historical look at how personality affects the decision making process of political leaders

Written by Miguel Gasca The study of Political Psychology began in the 1940s, and although…
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indian nationalism
Indian History
12. May 2019

What role did Indian women have to play in shaping the Indian nationalist movement?

Author: Sitwat MirzaUniversity: Kings College London Recent feminist studies have focused on deconstructing the Indian…
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15. January 2019

Aurangzeb – The Maligned Mughal?

Armaan Thapar Aurangzeb Alamgir, the successor of Shah Jahan, who ruled the Indian subcontinent for…
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British HistoryVikings
15. January 2019

Why did the Viking raids and military campaigns in Ireland, northern Britain and western Britain have such different effects?

Sitwat Mirza King's College London The Viking raids and military campaigns began in the late…
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